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Statewide rent control in Oregon!

Oregon is poised to become the first state in the nation to impose statewide limits on how much landlords can raise rents after state lawmakers passed a sweeping measure on Tuesday.
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San Francisco Eviction Control Law Strengthened

The SF Board of Supervisors has passed a new ordinance to protect tenants in single family homes, which are not covered by rent control. Landlords of single family homes and condos cannot give tenants a huge rent increase in order to evict them without just cause, anymore. This was a loophole which allowed such landlords to circumvent eviction controls by raising the rent to force the tenants to move. Here’s an article on why this was needed.

Rachel Lederman in the news as Standing Rock criminal cases wrap up

Rachel is quoted in a major AP piece on Water Protector Legal Collective. WPLC has just wrapped up almost 850 criminal cases stemming from the indigenous-led resistance to the Dakota Access oil pipeline at Standing Rock in 2016-2017. Regarding the ongoing civil rights lawsuit over law enforcement violence against the water protectors, “We are determined to press on for justice, no matter how long it takes,” said legal collective board member Rachel Lederman, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs.
The same article ran in the Washington Post, MN Star Tribune, ABC News, CBS News, US News, Seattle Times, Tampa Bay Times, and local and regional news outlets across the country.
Another good article on this, in the Fargo-based High Plains Reader: