About Our Law Firm and What We Do

About Our Law Firm and What We Do

Rachel Lederman and Alexsis C. Beach have been providing high quality, affordable legal services for 30 years. Our mission is to advance social justice by advocating for, and working collaboratively with, those who are disempowered in the legal system.

Our office is now in downtown Oakland as part of the Oakland Law Collaborative.

We practice throughout the Bay Area in the following main areas:

Civil Rights / Police Misconduct

Rachel Lederman has been challenging law enforcement brutality, racism and misconduct for three decades, and has achieved significant settlements in high profile police misconduct cases that have changed Bay Area police policies.

Tenants’ Rights / Wrongful Eviction, Habitability and Discrimination

Alexsis Beach and Rachel Lederman fight for the right to affordable, safe and adequate housing through affirmative lawsuits against landlords for bad housing conditions, illegal evictions, harassment, and discrimination.

Family Law

Alexsis Beach works with traditional and LGBTQ families to get through divorce with as little stress as possible, and with child custody, child support and visitation. She can also assist in legalizing parent-child relationships through adoption, and helps people who are starting a family using Assisted Reproductive Technology to make their intentions clear with sperm donor agreements and ovum donor agreements.

Personal Injury

Alexsis Beach and Rachel Lederman advocate aggressively to get fair compensation for people injured in bike, car and pedestrian accidents.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Alexsis Beach helps individuals discharge their consumer debts in bankruptcy so they can make a new start and establish credit.

Post-Conviction Relief

Rachel Lederman has been handling criminal, juvenile and mental health commitment appeals, habeas and other post-conviction relief proceedings for more than 30 years.