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Latest News

Settlement for OPD harassive ticketing

We obtained a $9,500 settlement for Jacob Crawford, an investigative videojournalist and copwatcher, for his unlawful detention and citation by the Oakland Police on July 19, 2013. Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent had just instituted a policy of ticketing persons going to and from demonstrations for pedestrian and bicycle violations. Chief Whent and Mayor Quan claimed this ongoing policy was intended to deter vandalism and other serious unlawful activity, by openly gathering personal information on persons who attend protests, but the persons who have been ticketed are simply demonstrators and journalists, whose First Amendment activity is being chilled by the selective traffic enforcement. In Jacob’s case he was lawfully filming the police and asking their identities as a rally protesting George Zimmerman’s acquittal for killing Trayvon Martin was beginning, when Sgt. Darrin Downum detained Jacob and gave him a ticket for jaywalking. The ticket was completely unfounded and was thrown out in court. Jacob now works with Rachel full time as an investigator and paralegal.

Read the Courthouse News article.

New Oakland office!

We have a new, second office in downtown Oakland, near 19th St. BART. We are part of the newly formed Oakland Law Collaborative of five law firms providing social justice oriented legal services in multiple practice areas. Our main office is still in San Francisco in the National Lawyers Guild / San Francisco Tenants Union building on Capp Street.

Rachel Lederman second highest in Oakland Police settlements in 2013

Top 20 legal expenses for the Police Department, 2013.

Press coverage of our lawsuit for police beating of SF City College student demonstrators

SF Gate, Huffington Post

Warning to Police at Ferguson Protests

New Orleans NLG member Bill Quigley cites some of our, and other NLG and NPAP members’ protest settlements as a warning to Ferguson law enforcement

Huffington Post article

Chronicle and KTVU coverage of Hashitaka police misconduct case

More info on the Hashitaka lawsuit:

Claim filed in Native American Heritage Night Case

On September 16, 2014, we filed a claim on behalf of April Negrette and Kimball Bighorse, Native Americans who were kicked out of the SF Giants’ Native American Heritage Night for speaking out against cultural appropriation, and brutalized by SFPD.

Read the NLG Press Release and watch the video here

Some of the press coverage:

NLG Press Release

KQED News Story

SF Weekly Article

CBS Local News Story


Bay Guardian on Pippenger-Philliou claims

Bay Guardian story on Pippenger-Philliou claims

CCSF newspaper’s coverage of our press conference

Read all about it here: CCSF paper coverage of our press conference

Students File Claim in CCSF SFPD Police Beating

Rachel Lederman is representing two San Francisco City College students who were brutalized and wrongfully arrested by CCSF police and SFPD.

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